Diesel Stabilisers

Diesel StabilisersOur range of distillate additives stabilizes diesel fuels by preventing the formation of gums, insoluble residues and color bodies.

We offer a wide range of other functional fuel specialities additives that can be combined with our diesel stabilizers for optimized fuel performance.

Lubricity improver

Fuels must meet minimum lubricity requirements to protect components such as fuel injector pumps and fuel injectors against premature wear. When processing fuels to remove sulphur or reduce aromatic levels, a typical side effect is a drop in fuel lubricity.

Petroleum Logistics range of lubricity improvers provide boundary lubrication between moving fuel system components. We aim to help refiners meet today's fuel lubricity requirements and prepare for cleaner-burning fuels in the future. In addition, we aim to be an active participant with the industry and its customers in developing the lubricity standard.

Middle distillate flow improver and WASA

Flow improverMiddle distillate fuels contain waxes that tend to precipitate at lower temperatures. This can cause blockage of filters and lead to failures of engines or heating systems. Middle distillate flow improvers (MDFI) improve the low temperature flow characteristics of the fuels or the pour point and pumpability specifications. MDFIs are tailored to perform effectively in a wide variety of fuels.

Cold Flow Plugging Point Improvers for Diesel Waz crystals form within the fuel when diesel fuel is cooled to temperatures below their cloud points. In addition, biodiesel produced from high melting point feedstocks such as tallow and palm have poorer cold flow properties than those produced from soy and rapeseed oils. CFPP improvers modify the size and shape of wax crystals in the fuel, minimise filter plugging and improve cold start performance. CFPP improvers allow fuels with a high concentration of wax to meet CFPP specifications.


DehazersOur dehazers are designed to remove water from automotive gasoline, diesel and heating fuels, protecting against corrosion and future water ingress. Dehazers break water micro emulsions, ensure brightness and clarity of product, and enable use of strong detergents in performance oils. They also improve water tolerance of additives.

Our unique and specific formulations ensure effective solutions without side effects. They contain no metals, eliminating any contribution to high temperature corrosion during combustion.

Dehazers are developed for specific fuel types such as:

  • Gasoline Dahazers
  • Gas Oil Dehazers as
  • Lubricant Dehazers

Conductivity improver

Conductivity improvers help mitigate the risk of fire or explosion. They improve the conductivity of the fuel, and allow any electrostatic charge built up during high volume transport of the fuel to safely dissipate without generating a spark.

This prevents ignition of volatile substances which might be present in the area.

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