The perfect solution against fuel theft

perfect solution against fuel theftFuel theft has become a global issue. The high price and high rate of duty on fuel makes it an attractive target for theft, particularly within a company that has private fuel storage.

Our dyes and markers are used to identify the fuel and to prevent this practice or provide evidence of fuel theft.

Our liquid dye allows clients to colour all of their petroleum based products in most colors for easy traceability:

  • This prevents employees to use petroleum based products for their personal gain.
  • This is a product developed solely for Petroleum Logistics that guarantees quality with a dilution ratio of 20,000 to 1 or more.

Our markers can be used to check the product integrity at the refinery, on the roadside or in the laboratory for high quantitative accuracy.

We are now offering a full range of gasoil markers, keromarkers and convert diesel dyes as part of our extensive fuel theft prevension solutions. Please contact us for more details.

They are resistant to simple removal techniques. Simple roadside testing with a portable analyser showing the concentration of marked product in the fuel sample is available; this allows for successful prosecution of perpetrators and discourages fuel fraud.

Our Dyes and Markers

redSolvent Red 19E
redSolvent Red 161
redSolvent Red 164
redSolvent Green 33
redSolvent Green 65
redSolvent Blue 79
redSolvent Blue 98
redSolvent Orange
redSolvent Yellow
redSolvent Brown liquid
redSolvent Black liquid
redSolvent Violer 48

The colour dyes featured above are only part of a wider palette offered by Petroleum Logistics. Our service includes any colour combination tailored to suit clients? needs and requirements.

A professional range of dyes and markers

professional range of dyes and markersOur dyes give colour to the fuel. We offer them in both liquid and solid form for easy addition to fuels and solvents and according to our customers? needs. Our dyes are safe for health and environment and can be easily handled in oil refineries, terminals and even on bulk oil tankers for dosing as the oil is being discharged.

Our colours are designed for the world market of petroleum products such as petrol, diesels, gasoline, oils, lubricants and greases.

Markers are colourless chemicals added to fuels; they can be detected by either adding a specific reagent to produce a measurable colour or by placing a sample of fuel directly into a portable spectrophotometer to obtain a quantitative result in the field. The invisible/colourless markers can be detected with our reagents from the petroleum product even at 3-4 ppm levels.

Further testing under laboratory conditions to produce firm evidence for any legal proceedings can be subsequently performed. Euromarker is one of our most popular markers and a great tool in the fight against fuel fraud. It is invisible and is easily detected at very low levels in the field.

Fuel identification & brand marking

Fuel TheftOur dyes are used to identify leaded, unleaded and leaded replacement fuels or different octane level gasoline in various countries. Brand marking of fuel is essential for oil companies looking to maintain the integrity of their high quality fuel brands.

By marking their high grade fuels and sample testing throughout the downstream supply chain, we help oil companies ensure their customers satisfaction, good brand image and quality reputation.

We help prevent petrol stations from selling fake branded fuels. By using our markers in branded fuels we ensure product quality and reduced pollution caused by dirty fuels.

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